Lung Ch’uan Fa Kung Fu

Kung Fu Lung Ch’uan Fa is a system of martial arts rooted in Shaolin and White Dragon Kung Fu, as well as Yang Style Tai Chi Ch’uan. New students of Lung Ch’uan Fa (Dragon’s Fist Style) Kung Fu are taught basic self-defense and physical exercise training. The basic curriculum includes empty hand form sets, long and short fist punching and footwork techniques, stepping drills, and short and long range kicking techniques. Training self-reliance and independence is fostered while progressing from White Sash through Brown Sash, at which point the student is then teamed with other Black Sash candidates to undergo a rigorous 1-2 year Warrior-Scholar program to culminate with Black Sash testing. The advanced curriculum includes short range dragon fist techniques, evasive and counter attacking strategies, trapping skills, joint-locking, kuiai jiaou and tai chi ch’uan throwing techniques. Classical weapons, including the long staff, short sticks, broadsword, straight sword, and spear, among some other eclectic weapons, are taught during the basic and advanced curriculum. – See “Kung Fu” Classes page for more curriculum information.

After reaching the green sash level, students engage in sparring matches with body protection for application of technique as training for both continuous sparring and basic self-defense applications. In addition, training is offered for full-contact Lei Tai platform fighting for more motivated students who strive for more vigorous combative training. Further, ground fighting as well as specialty classes and challenge courses (Warrior weekends) are offered to supplement the group martial arts classes.

Tai Chi New students of the Yang Style Tai Chi Ch’uan classes focus on basic health-oriented Qigong and Tai Chi postures with gradual emphasis on learning and following the 64 movement Empty Hand form. As the student gradually entertains independent practice and can demonstrate alignment principles and progresses to training self-reliance, the straight sword is introduced. Gradually, the student also learns the broadsword, staff/spear, fan sets, and 2-person staff/spear set are available. Push hands curriculum includes single/double stationary exercises, then progressing to TaLu and moving step exercises, and the 2-man Tai Chi combat set is added. In addition, training is offered for full-contact Lei Tai platform fighting for more motivated students who strive for more vigorous combative training. Specialty classes and challenge courses are offered to supplement the group classes. – See “Tai Chi & Qi Gong” Classes page for more curriculum information.


Kung Fu and Tai Chi students and parents,

Registration for the 2017 Fall Session is now open

The Kung Fu Fall session begins Saturday, September 17th, for Kung Fu V and VI.

The Kung Fu Thursday night class begins Thursday, September 22nd.

Tai Chi classes begin the Week of September 17th.

  • The Kung Fu V and VI Saturday 8AM class is for black sashes ONLY. Students can sign up for either the Kung Fu V or Kung Fu VI class code, it is the same class.
  • The Kung Fu (13-Adult) Thursday 8PM class is intended for all experience levels of students age 13 years and older (no exceptions).
  • Both classes are one and a half hours in duration. I have provided the class codes at the end of this email for your convenience.

As a reminder, students should continue to wear their uniforms and sashes to class and bring all weapons to class.

Any questions or concerns, please ask.

Shi-Hsiung Eric Robertson, 2nd HL LCF Black Sash

Fall Codes:

  • Kung Fu V (6-Adult), Sat 8am: 1754457401
  • Kung Fu VI (6-Adult) Sat 8am: 1754459101
  • Kung Fu (13-Adult) Thu 8pm: 1754451701

See schedules under classes page for either Kung Fu or Tai Chi.