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Update 06/14/16 12:00pm

  • 'Summer 2016 Classes!
Class Day Time Begins
Tai Chi I Sat 9a-10a 7/09
Tai Chi I Mon 7p-8p 7/11
Tai Chi II Mon 7p-8p 7/11
Tai Chi II Sat 10a-11a 7/09
Tai Chi w/Props I Wed 7p-8:25p 7/06

  • A Bunch of SMILES at Nathalie D.O.’s Tai Chi class in Lorton!                           CT and Stork Cools Wings at the Badlands, SD

  • Daniel TF and Single Whip at the Champs Elyzees, Summer 2014          *Tai Chi Ed on the deck of the USS Missouri - Honolulu, HI 2014*   Aspiring Student HK does Tai Chi in Kyoto Japan

  • World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Advanced Fan Demo Team - It was a great success with nice weather and lots of visitors! Our thanks to our support spectators and Advanced Fan demonstrators, Bob "Relentless Crane", Nathan "Far-seeing Heron", Pat "Soaring Crane", Nathalie "Divining Orchid", Alice "Tenacious Lioness", John "Dashing Petrel" and Susie "Intrepid Dolphin"!

  • Tai Chi Instructor Bob "Relentless Crane" Greene was selected as LCF Instructor of Year!!

  • Tai Chi Pix from the 10th Annual SFFD- Way to go, Tai Chi Dragons!!

  • Congratulations to all Tai Chi practitioners for their Q-Gong, Tai Chi Empty Hand, Basic Fan, Advanced Fan, and Ta Lu demonstrations at the 10th Annual SFFD!!

  • Field Trip to Glen Echo Carousel with Pat "Soaring Crane"!! Nice!!

  • Congratulations to all of our LCF Tai Chi Ch'uan competitors at the U.S./International Kuoshu Championship Tournament! And thanks to our spectators and families for all of their support!!

  • Congratulations to our Tai Chi Ch'uan competitors for their demonstrations at the Wong People tournament, and we thank the spectators and families for their support too!!

  • World Taiji & QiGong Day at Meadowlark Gardens 27 April - Demonstrators include, Bob "Relentless Crane", Matt "Stalwart Ram", Daniel "Tenacious Falcon", Alice "Tenacious Lioness", John "Dashing Petrel", and Pat "Soaring Crane" with Priscilla "Sprightly Kingfisher, and Dragons Ed & Martha!!! Thanks to all!!

  • Priscilla "Sprightly Kingfisher" and John "Dashing Petrel" in Churchill Manitoba, March 2013

Very nice!! 9th Annual Students Friends and Demo: Thanks to our Group Tai Chi leaders!!

  • SFFD Tai Chi Demos led by Shi-Hsiung Bob (Star Cluster), Shi-Hsiung Nathan (Fan), and Shi-Jie Gina (Tai Chi I), Shi-Hsiung John (Basic Sword), Shifu (Advanced Sword)

  • Congratulations to our newest Tai Chi Black Sashes - Pat "Soaring Crane" Mah and Nathalie "Divining Orchid" DePastas and thanks also to the Board of Promotions, led By Shi-Hsiung Bob "Relentless Crane" and all of its members, and friends and family spectators!

  • Congratulations to Martha D and Jim T for demonstrating their expertise with the first half of the 64 form! They will now join the TCC 2 class led by Shi-Hsiung Bob "Relentless Crane" on Monday nights!

  • Blueberry Hill Tai Chi Demos and Potluck, Saturday 27 October!

  • Daniel "Tenacious Falcon" in a Paris park, summer 2012

  • US/International Kuoshu Tournament, Towson MD at the Hunt Valley Inn was a great success for our sole Tai Chi competitor - Nathalie D who came home with 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals

  • Shifu doing Tai Chi in the treetops at Sandy Springs Adventure Park

  • Sunday 24 June - Wong Kung Fu & Tai Chi Tournament on Sunday 24 June was a success - thanks to leaders Bob "Relentless Crane" and Leah "Lightning Jaguar" and competitors and LCF spectators.

  • Saturday 2 June, Queen Charlotte's Cup Tournament at UNCC - Charlotte, NC was a great success! Congratulations to LCF Dragons of McLean and Winston-Salem!! Pictures up on our Facebook Group page.

  • Tai Chi Student Jim Thompson demonstrates in a park recently in China - nice!!

  • Group pictures from World TaiJi and Qigong Day 2012 at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

  • Qigong at the Spring Hill RECenter has moved from Monday nights to Saturday morning at 8am with Shi-Hsiung Bob "Relentless Crane" Greene.

Open Tai Chi Practice at 9am on Saturdays too. Come start your weekend with this energizing yet profoundly relaxing and revitalizing ancient exercise!

Spring Hill RECenter & Shi-Fu Moffett offer both value-added Tai Chi classes for the practitioner looking for the health benefits and a group-dynamic form of gentle exercise well known for improving balance and reducing stress, as well as an opportunity for a curriculum-based internal martial arts program of Tai Chi Ch'uan for the long-term practitioner.

Tai Chi is an internal martial art, known for its slow controlled movements and elegant postures that promote balance and "moving stillness". For most, it is considered a form of moving meditations, practiced for health and well-being aspects. For some, Tai Chi Ch'uan beomes a key to a profound martial art that generally utilizes "Defense as an Offense" with adherence to the Tai Chi Classics' principles. Qi Gong is another internal art and gentle meditation system. Its roots date back thousands of years as a sophisticated system for increasing awareness and control of one's life force called "qi". The Tai Chi classes uses Qi Gong to introduce students to the "internal" breath and qi building exercises. The exercises integrate the use of controlled breathing so that body movement, exertion, and exhalation spontaneously coincide. They define and add sensory awareness of body movement, shape balance, and coordination. QiGong II is a good option after completing the Tai Chi I & II classes, but can be taken without the Tai Chi experience.

Tai Chi I focuses on Qi Gong, and introduces the first half of the Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan 64 form of Gm. Hsu Fun Yuen, an abridged version of the classic Yang 108 posture form. Tai Chi II continues the Qi Gong exercises, and focuses on the student learning the entire Tai Chi Ch'uan 64 form. Tai Chi with Weapons also incorporates teaching advanced Tai Chi weapons forms, including the Tai Chi Straight Sword, Broad Sword, Staff/Spear, and Fan forms. The Tai Chi III class will concentrate on walking drills, push hands, martial applications, advanced breathing & qigong, and adherence to principles; slowly, single/double push hand drills and Ta Lu will be expanded to facilitate martial expertise through Tai Chi Ch'uan. Tai Chi IV continues with the Yang 2-person Fighting set and more vigorous martial applications. New students are encouraged to begin with Tai Chi I and progress through the levels at their own pace. All students are encouraged to participate in demonstrations and tournaments, as they are vehicles for sharing the martial arts with the larger martial and spectating communities, and offer keen insights into fostering and building self-reliance and martial capability within the individual.

Although many contemporary Tai Chi programs do not offer a goal-based curriculum or marking a Black Sash attainment, in our curriculum-based program after 3-5 years of practice some students are formally asked to demonstrate their understanding of Tai Chi principles, and Tai Chi empty hand and weapons forms, and are awarded recognition by receiving a Tai Chi Black Sash. Students may also seek to develop self-reliance and demonstrate instruction autonomy and be given opportunities to lead and then take over or create classes of their own. Then the student is encouraged to move into advanced materials of martial and energy applications while continuing the progression of their own training and teaching experiences in this 10-20 year program towards mastery. In addition, teachers and student/instructors are asked to lead demonstration teams for events such as World TaiJi & QiGong Day (last Saturday of April each year), and some have led workshops at events such as these. Please see the "Meet the Instructors" page for bios on our Tai Chi Ch'uan Instructors.

All classes are held at the Spring Hill RECenter.

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