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Special Events - LungChuanFa

Special Events

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  • 2015 Single and Double Broadsword Seminar !!!

  • 2015 Wong Tournament Parade of Schools - LCF (Dragon Lucas is behind the banner :)

11th Annual SFFD "Year of the Ram" was a great success!! Thanks to all students, assistants, and spectators!!

  • WOW!! Terrific day for the 11th Annual Students' Friends & Families Demo!! Thank you all for your dedication and demonstrations!! Very Exciting!!

  • Congratulations to our new Youth Black Sashes

  • Congratulations to our new Adult Black Sashes - Jeremy "Ardent Steed" ,Jon "Valiant Ram", Vivek "Piercing Mamba",

Amitabh "Electric Razorback", Mark "Sagacious Bear", and Jeff "Rippling Mongoose"

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