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Jessica on Paint Can Tai Chi

It has always been hard for me to come up with Tai Chi anecdotes. Regrettably, I have not reached the 'true faith' stage where Tai Chi is integrated into how I live. Still, once in a while a connection is made and my latest came in a can of paint.

I needed to do some touch-up paint. I was happy to find enough leftover paint but no sticks to stir the paint with. Not a problem, I could just give the can a few shakes, let it sit a bit for bubbles to escape then I'll be in business. After shaking the can this way and that way, a light bulb came on- I was holding the can like a Tai Chi ball, so why not move it the Tai Chi way?

I decided on Wringing Hands QiGong exercise. Holding the can on my right, right hand on top, compress, step out with left foot to the front, shift weight to left foot, bring the can with me. Off I went, back and forth. First right side, then left, then alternating sides. What's interesting is that the added weight and the paint sloshing inside created a deeper feel for the movement in the core and the whole body. I almost didn't want to put the can down.

If you want to give it a try, don't forget to make sure the lid is on tight and the can is not too heavy.

"Tenacious Crane" John Tubbs writes of his observations about sinking:

"I had the idea of, pushing against the earth for your root and for your power instead of using gravity or my own strength, come very real to me the other day. I spend a lot of time in elevators and I was in a tall building riding the elevator, which was a fast elevator. I realized that if I do my press as the elevator is going up the forces are pushing me into the floor, and it feels like I have tremendous power. When the elevator is going down and I try my press it feels like I have no power because I can not push against the elevator because its forces are moving away from me. This really made a light bulb go off in my head about the feeling I should be striving for."

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