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Lao Shifu Steve "Stomping Scorpion" Clark - Bio

Steve Clark was first introduced to the martial arts at age eight (in 1960) by United States Marines who had served in China during World War II (including his own father) liberating the country from occupying Imperial Japanese forces. He has been involved with Chinese Martial Arts for over half a century – having taught military, law enforcement and security forces in numerous countries throughout the world during 37 of those years. During his lifetime, he has never accepted payment for teaching or from any of his students. He is a veteran of military service (combat operations, reconnaissance, executive personal protection and non-combatant evacuation operations) with 28 decorations including 4 Air Force Commendation Medals and 4 Navy Commendations, scanning from the Vietnam War era to the present. Most recently, he donated his time and service as Senior Naval Security Forces Force Protection instructor. He is recognized throughout the world as Grandmaster of Ch’uan Fa – having been inducted into numerous Martial Arts Halls of Fame and – in a life and death combat scenario - having knocked out three enemy assailants in 1 ½ seconds. While serving in the United States Air Force, Steve was chosen as the Advance Guard for the delivery of the Space Shuttle COLUMBIA to the Air Force (Edwards AFB CA). Later, he served as part of the USAF Disaster Relief Force (responding to any situations which arose: routinely, search and rescue and crash recovery missions). In 1980 at Torrejon Air Base Spain, Steve was asked to test a USAF Confrontation Management Team (Riot Squad): they filmed the event for posterity (as a team and while acting as individuals, they were unable to handcuff him during the one hour enclosed area exercise). While serving with the Ministry of Defense in Great Britain – and during his studies there, his elite American bomb unit retaliated against Libya (1986) and became the only unit in U.S. history up to that point in time to receive the Joint Navy-Air Force Commendation Medal.

He is now retired from the military and U.S. Civil Service – and serves as a Defense Contractor.

  • Lao Shifu Steve Clark with Shifu Moffett & Sifu Chris Facente at Hunt Valley 2008


  • Shi-Fu's at Hunt Valley, 2006.


2006 Navy Force Protection Seminar, held at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Demonstration with Tenth Level Black Sash/Tenth Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Tony "The Tiger" Southard.

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