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Dragon's Fist Style of Kung Fu, Yang Style of Tai Chi Ch'uan, Shi-Hsiung Chris Weeks

  • UPDATES: 3/19/2014 4:00pm
  • Pictures with Shifu and LCF Dragons and WS Shi-Hsiung Weeks and Dragons in McLean VA, Jon "Valiant Ram" Brown Sash Testing, and WS Dragons Demo!

  • Road Trip! LCF of WS travelled to McLean Va on 14 March for the 10th Annnual Students' Friends and Families Demo and Washington, D.C. sight-seeing, as well as Brown Sash Testing for Jon "Valiant Ram" and good training!!

  • Congratulations to Jeremy "Ardent Steed" Sipes for earning his Brown Sash before a Board of Teachers & Instructors in Myrtle Beach, SC recently!! Our thanks to all of the members of the board, including LCF 4th HL John "Tenacious Crane" Tubbs and Chris 3rd HL "Formidable Badger" Weeks!

December 2013 Sash Testing Info & Pictures

  • Congratulations to all LCF WS Students for their recent promotions!!

  • Lao Shifu and Shifu and Shi-Hsiung Chris Weeks (3rd from viewing left below) with Dragon competitors and loyal LCF fans/spectators after the opening ceremony on Saturday 27 July! Our congratulations to Shi-Hsiung Chris Weeks for completing Part 1 of the all day National Kuoshu Judges Seminar - in addition, he joined the ranks of the Kuoshu Judges to assist in reviewing and rating many nationally and world-ranked competitors over the two day tournament!

  • Shifu Doug Moffett traveled to Winston-Salem and thanks the Winston Dragons for their spirited enthusiasm. Congratulations to Dragons Stew and Matt on their promotions!!!

  • Our thanks to Shi-Hsiung Weeks for all of his technical contributions for the QCC Kung Fu tournament at UNCC on 2 June. In addition, congratulations to his students, Jeff "Healing Bear" for providing timely medical suport, and John and Matt for their participation and awards at the tournament!

  • March, 2012 -Shi-Hsiung Chris "Formidable Badger" Weeks and Dragon John Stewart and family travelled to McLean VA for the 8th Annual Students Friends & Families Demo! They demonstrated both empty hand and weapons forms and a series of self-defenses and spent time with the LCF Dragon family! Way to go!! Pictures below.

  • Congratulations to Shi-Hsiung Chris "Formidable Badger" for being acknowledged 2012 LCF "Instructor of the Year!!

  • Chris FB & Dragon John demonstrate a Self-defense!

  • Dragon Jon demonstrates Tam Tui

  • LCF W-S will attend the UNCC & Mint Hill Kung Fu Interschool Tournament on 31 March at UNC-Charlotte!

  • Shifu visited Winston-Salem for the 12 December, Monday night class and the Tuesday morning 5am - 7am classes and had a great time with all levels!

  • Congratulations to Jeremy "Ardent Steed" Sipes on his completion of the Virginia "Tough Mudder" 23 October, 2011!!

  • LCF Winston-Salem Sash Testing on Monday 10 October, was a great success!!

  • Shi-Hsiung Chris "Formidable Badger" Weeks and newly promoted Winston-Salem LCF Kung Fu Students

  • Shi-Hsiung Chris "Relentless Tiger" Rubnich, 3rd Higher Level Black Sash and Shi-Hsiung Chris Weeks, 3rd Higher Level Black Sash - Sash Testing Chairs

  • Shi-Hsiung Chris Rubnich and newly promoted Winston-Salem LCF Kung Fu Students

  • Watch for upcoming details on 2012 June - UNCC Queen Charlotte's Cup Tournament - CACMA Regional/National Kung Fu & Tai Chi Tournament

  • Shi-Hsiung Chris Weeks is seen here assisting as a weapons forms judge, with Chief Judge Chris Facente, at the Wong 2011 Tournament held in Washington D.C. in June!

  • Shi-Hsiung Chris Weeks attended and assisted as a ring judge at the CACMA National Tournament held on 30 April, in Charlotte NC. He made a presentation of a new LCF banner to Shifu and McLean LCF for our upcoming tournament and demonstration events. Thank you, Formidable Badger and Winston-Salem LCF!!! In addition he presented and made a donation of a supply of a prospective CACMA magnets, as a fund raiser for the Red Cross relief for Tsunami victims of Japan. In addition, Shi-Hsiung Weeks spent many after tournament hours training with Shifu, a bonus and win:win for both!!

  • LCF Banner thanks to Chris Weeks, Magnet America & LCF of Winston-Salem

  • LCF 2011 QCC Demo Team

  • Lung Ch'uan Fa of Winston-Salem attended (see pix below) the inaugural Martial Arts Gathering & Demonstration & 7th Annual Students Friends & Families Demo in McLean VA over the 2011 Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year's Weekend! Shi-Hsiung John "Tenacious Crane" Tubbs, Jeremy "Ardent Steed" Sipes, and Shi-Hsiung Chris "Formidable Badger" Weeks

Classes held at Greentree Community Center (930 S. Broad St. Winston-Salem, NC 27101)


Class Day Time Age Level
Kung Fu I - III Monday 7-9pm Youth/Adult Beginner/Advanced
Kung Fu III Tuesday 5am -7am Adult Advanced
Kung Fu I - III Thursday 5am - 7am Adult Beginner/Advanced

New students of Lung Ch'uan Fa are taught basic postures and striking along with some self-defense techniques, and undergo physically demanding warm-up, conditioning and agility drills, and martial-exercise sequences in most group classes. Empty-hand form sets, including long fist style punching and basic footwork techniques, in combination with stepping drills and short and long range kicking techniques, are included in the basic curriculum. The advanced curriculum includes short range dragon fist techniques, evasive and counter attacking strategies, trapping skills, chin-na joint locking, kuiai jiaou (fast wrestling)and tai chi ch'uan throwing techniques. Classical weapons, including the long staff and spear, single and double broadsword, and straight sword are taught through the basic and advanced curriculum. T'ai Chi Ch'uan Qi-Gong exercises are sometimes included during warmup exercises. Intermediate and advanced Students engage in sparring matches with body protection for application of technique.

contact: johntubbs@hotmail.com & 2weeks312@msn.com

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