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Update 07/29/16 12:05pm

  • All classes are held at Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, VA

Kung Fu    Th    8PM

Kung Fu V/VI    Sa    8AM

  • Colt does Kung Fu at High Altitude

  • Dragons showing their moves while on band camp in Florida! Zayan "Lightning Bear"; Tracy "Valiant Jaguar; Eric "Kinetic Tiger"; Amani "Engaging Lotus"; Satori "Indomitable Osprey"!!!

  • Congratulations to Arnold "Iron-willed Mountain" Sowa for his selection as Dragon of the Year 2014!!

  • Congratulations to all Kung Fu students for their form and weapons demos including the Year of the Horse Form, WuBuQuan, Tam Tui, Dragon Form, Youth Black Sash and Adult Black Sash demos, and the Senior Sashes Tri-fecta of the Un-named Form, Straight Sword, Short Hand Dragon!! Links have been sent out for pictures!!

  • Congratulations to all of our LCF Kung Fu competitors at the U.S./International Kuoshu Championship Tournament! And thanks to our spectators and families for all of their support!!

  • Lao Shifu and Shifu and Shi-Hsiung Weeks and Dragons after the opening ceremony - Lao Shifu and his artwork prepared by Master Qiu - our CACMA friends at the Hall of Fame banquet

  • Kung Fu Dragons Vivek & Arya practice along the Smokies!!

  • Grappling/Combatives - Stand-Up & Ground Fighting Class Ongoing - All levels - See link on sidebar

Spring Hill RECenter & Shi-Fu Moffett offer a curriculum-based program for the long-term practitioner that evolves from student (novice) to teacher-student (Black Sash) and on to teacher (3rd Higher Level) and Master (5th Higher Level) in Lung Ch'uan Fa - Dragon's Fist Kung Fu. Typically, most students achieve the 1st Higher Level Black Sash in 3-5 years. The 10 - 20 year Warrior-Scholar program with Master certification, similar to trades that employ the apprentice, the journeyman, and the master level, may typically include up to 10,000 hours of training and practice, and includes the fundamental and introductory Black Sash program. Training initally teaches basic postures and striking along with some self-defense techniques, and the students undergo physically demanding warm-up, conditioning and agility drills, and martial-exercise sequences in most group classes. Empty-hand form sets, including long fist style punching and basic footwork techniques, in combination with stepping drills and short and long range kicking techniques, are included in the basic curriculum and rounds out the 1st Higher Level Black Sash program. Adults are introduced to traditional and contemporay tactics and strategies of martial arts and are tasked with journal/essay projects in addition to their physical training. The advanced curriculum for the 2nd - 4th Higher Levels includes short range dragon fist techniques, wooden dummy training, evasive and counter attacking strategies, trapping skills, chin-na joint locking, kuiai jiaou (fast wrestling)and tai chi ch'uan/internal throwing techniques. Classical weapons, including the long staff and spear, single and double broadsword, and straight sword, and some eclectic weapons are taught through the basic and advanced curriculum. T'ai Chi Ch'uan Qi-Gong exercises are sometimes included during warmup exercises. Intermediate and advanced Students engage in sparring matches with body protection for application of technique. All students are encouraged to participate in demonstrations and tournaments, as they are vehicles for sharing the martial arts with the larger martial and spectating communities, and offer keen insights into fostering and building self-reliance and martial capability within the individual. See the "Meet the Instructors" page for bios on the levels of instructors in the Lung Ch'uan Fa curriculum.

All classes are held at the Spring Hill RECenter.

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