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Scroll down to see the Updated Bios and pictures below on our Shi-Fu, Teachers, and Instructors:

Shi-Fu Doug Moffett, Shi-Fu B.K. Grayson, Shi-Hsiung John Tubbs, Shi-Hsiung Chris Weeks

Shi-Hsiung Bob Greene, Shi-Jie Leah Baldo, Shi-Jie Gina Wolbarsht

Shi-Hsiung Nathan Toxopeus, Shi-Hsiung Mike Shatz, Shi-Jie Pat Mah,

Shi-Jie Nathalie Depastas Shi-Hsiung Eric Robertson

  • See the bio's of the teachers and instructors below for their contributions, some insight on their martial philosophies, and some background on their interests!!

Shi-Fu Doug Moffett, McLean, VA - Kung Fu, Tai Chi Ch'uan, Grappling/Combatives, MMA

With 42+ years of martial arts training, and 32+ years of teaching, Shi-Fu Moffett is presently teaching scheduled Dragon's Fist Style Kung Fu on Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 9:30pm and Saturdays from 8am - 2pm (Lung Ch'uan Fa), and Qi-Gong with Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan classes on Thursdays from 11am - 1pm. Click on the "Main Page" for more information, and see the link to our LCF classes by all of our instructors in Kung Fu, Tai Chi Ch'uan, and Grappling/MMA classes for times and specific information, or e-mail through the contact page.

Note the other Teacher and Instructors Bio's below - these are the measure of our success, as a martial arts school and family. Our students are our future leaders, and leadership skills, hard work, self-discipline, as well as martial skills and tactics, are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Shi-Fu Moffett has also led many popular and intense group exercise classes at the Reston YMCA from 2001 - 2015. From cross-training and sports conditioning classes like Ignite and 3D to kickbox, muscle sculpting, and boot camp, his classes are known for their high-intensity levels and varied content. He has a personal-branded class called Ignite Your Passion for Fitness, as well as strategized the theme of "Get Fit for Life's Adventures"! Many of his classes over the years have successfully participated in 3000+ kick challenges in a one hour period. In 2007, at the 2nd Annual All-night Reston YMCA Fitness Challenge, 25 participants kicked 5050 times in 1 hour and 20 minutes!! By 2011, approximately 170 participants have completed this all-night fitness challenge! Several of Shih-Fu Moffett's students completed a 24 hour martial arts challenge in 2007 also! Even one has gone on to complete 8-24 hour Adventure contests!! Shifu Moffett was distinguished as the Employee of the Year of the Reston YMCA in 2013 and received the award for Top Land Instructor of Spring Hill RECenter in 2012.

Many of his Kung-Fu Black Sash candidates have undergone all-night Black Sash testing in this same rigourous method of subjecting the participants to prolonged physical and mental challenge in order to strengthen the spirit and push the body to higher limits. Many of the Higher Level Black Sashes are invited to return to these sash tests to train at higher levels and more intensity for longer intervals. These training sessions, called "Warrior Weekends", can be more physically and mentally demanding, in order to acknowledge the spiritual strength that grows from such challenges.

“Train the mind while training the body; then go past the constraints of the mind and body in resourcefulness, capability, and initiative.” Shi-Fu Doug Moffett

Shi-Fu Moffett recently achieved certification as a Krav Maga Defensive Tactics Instructor for law enforcement, military, and security forces. In addition, he is a Senior Instructor Trainer in the F.I.E.R.C.E. Teacher Training program, a leadership training program for the military that he developed which trains military instructors in armed/unarmed combative as well as control & compliance methods throughout the Force Continuum. He has led numerous seminars training for Marine Corps Infantry and Naval personnel in Hawaii, North Carolina, and California over the last decade, and has published and updated the F.I.E.R.C.E. leadership training manual. In 2011 he led a Combatives workshop for 3rd and 4th year Midshipman of the U.S. Naval Academy, and served on a Military Master of Science qualification board in 2015.

To date, he has coached a growing number of successful leitai platform full-contact fighters, as well as continuous sparring competitors, at the Carolina Association Chinese Martial Arts Tournaments in Mooresville and Charlotte, NC. His senior student, Master Grayson, competed successfully at the Dog Brothers Gathering in 2007 in a knife/stick full contact match. Shi-Fu Moffett has been a CACMA affiliate member and has been a regular demonstrator/coach and tournament forms and fighting ring judge in CACMA events in western North Carolina. Shi-Fu Moffett has served as a Co Vice-President to the CACMA organization. CACMA is led by Sifu Anthony Stephenson of Asheville, NC and Lao Shifu Steve Clark of Tomah, WI and Sifu Chris Facente of Mint Hill, NC and CACMA has been an avid supporter of the USKSF tournament (see below).

As a United States Kuo Shu Federation (USKSF) member, Shi-Fu Moffett completed the comprehensive 4 day referee training in order to be certified as an International Referee "A" honor graduate at Hunt Valley, MD in July of 2006, and has been an International Referee since 2002. He has served as a ring Chief Judge in empty hand and weapons forms divisions, as well as light contact sparring. In addition, as part of the responsibilities of an International Referee, he has served as a corner judge for the Leitai platform full-contact fighting. From 1998 to 2013, Shi-Fu Moffett has offered his services at this prestigious championship tournament, and in 2010 and 2012 served as an Executive Referee during the night-time finals. At the 1999 Kuoshu tournament, he was a corner man and coach for a CACMA Lei Tai full-contact fighter. Presently, he is serving a term as a Deputy Referee General for the U.S.K.S.F. and member of the Executive Committee.

The Lung Ch'uan Fa School of McLean, VA has participated in ongoing local tournaments, including the Washington, D.C. Wong People Tournaments, and from 2008 to 2014, LCF has been nominated as a top 10 school of competition. Shi-Fu Moffett was a guest of honor at the 2007 Wong Tournament and spoke on the ethics and morality of the martial arts.

He has had several articles published in "Inside Kung Fu" magazine on the anatomy of shoulder chin-na (Jan 97), the use of footwork in developing mobility (Jan 2001), the specific footwork drill known as the eight-way stepping drill (October 2001), and the training in the USMC Martial Arts Program (August 2002). Shi-Fu Moffett was chosen as CACMA "Sifu of the Month" in the Spring 2001 newsletter and was inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2004.

At the present time, Shi-Fu Moffett is teaching Lung Ch'uan Fa Kung Fu and Tai Chi Ch'uan group classes through the Spring Hill RECenter. In addition, he is scheduling his trademarked S.C.A.N. self-protection summer program in the local community. His senior student, Shifu Bryan "Indomitable Wolf" Grayson, will be soon returning to the fleet; Shi-Hsiung John "Tenacious Crane" Tubbs has returned to the fleet, while his senior student in Winston-Salem, Chris “Formidable Badger” Weeks 3rd Higher Level, along with assistants Jon "Valiant Ram" and Jeremy "Ardent Steed", are running regular evening and morning classes in Winston-Salem!

See the "People" page for more information - http://www.lungchuanfa.com/public/index.php5?title=People

Shifu Bryan "Indomitable Wolf" Grayson, USMC - Kung Fu, Military Combatives, CAB

  • Philosophy: Be a student of the Art and Science of War; Walk the Way of the Warrior; Do Simple Things Well.
  • 6th degree Black Sash, Shifu
  • Experience: LCF (1998-present); MCMAP Instructor (2002-present); Fierce Instructor (2005-present)
  • Training: Training: Warrior challenges/Triathlon/Adventure racing 8hr, 12hr, 24hr/Orienteering/Rogaining - 24hr
  • Warrior: Tournaments (Hunt Valley/CACMA/Wong’s)/Thai Kickboxing Match Thailand (2005)/Dog Brother’s Gathering (2007)
  • Scholar: "Tao of Maneuver Warfare", "The Cordon", "Just Because You Seem Does Not Mean You Are"
  • Other disciplines: Piano/composing music/writing

Shi-Hsiung John “Tenacious Crane” Tubbs, USMC - Kung Fu, Military Combatives

  • I have studied Lung Ch’uan Fa since October 2000 and I am a 4th degree Black Sash
  • I joined the USMC in 2005 and I am currently a Sgt. and I have achieved a Green Belt in MCMAP
  • I have fought a Leitai fight successfully, and have been an assistant instructor in two F.I.E.R.C.E. seminars, and numerous Security seminars.
  • I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters.
  • Shi-Hsiung Tubbs has now returned to the fleet for training! We wish him well; "Semper Fi!"

Shi-Hsiung Chris "Formidable Badger" Weeks, Winston-Salem, NC - Kung Fu

Shi-Hsiung Weeks is a 3rd Higher Level Black Sash in the Lung Ch'uan Fa system of martial arts under Shi-Fu Doug Moffett. Currently he is teaching LCF classes in Winston-Salem at the new Green Tree Community Center on Broad Street on Monday evenings, and early (5am) Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Shi-Hsiung Weeks has 14+ years experience in martial arts, has participated in several local tournaments, completed a 24 hour challenge to receive his 1st Higher Level Black Sash, and has been a judge at CACMA sponsored tournaments in NC. In addition, he has completed part 1 of the National Referee Training offered by the U.S.K.S.F. A recent inspiring quote from Shi Fu reads, "Temper your form in the fire of your training." and begs the question, "How much fire is in your training?"

  • Shi-Hsiung Chris "Formidable Badger" teaches a Monday Kung Fu evening class and Tu/Th 5am-7am classes at Greentree!!

Shi-Hsiung Bob "Relentless Crane" Greene, McLean, VA - Tai Chi Ch'uan

Shi-Hsiung Greene is 4th Higher Level Black Sash TaiChi Ch'uan and 2nd Higher Level Black Sash in Kung Fu. Since 2006 Bob has been a Lung Ch'uan Fa instructor for Yang Style Tai Chi Ch'uan and QiGong. Bob has competed in the Wong (DC), Charlotte Queen's Cup (NC), and USKSF (MD) tournaments for Tai Chi open hand forms, weapons, and push hands. Spirit (Yi) leads the Chi (Qi) and strengthens the mind-body (Li).

Shi-Hsiung Greene teaches Tai Chi II class on Mondays 6:30pm, Wednesdays 7:30pm Tai Chi w/Props and a Qi-Gong class on Saturdays at 9am. He also enjoys leading demos and workshops at the annual springtime World Taiji & QiGong Day at Meadowlark Gardens, Vienna VA.

Shi-Jie Leah "Lightning Jaguar" Baldo, McLean, VA - Kung Fu

Leah "Lightning Jaguar" Baldo is a 3rd Higher Level Black Sash in Lung Ch'uan Fa Kung Fu under Shi-Fu Doug Moffett. With eight years of training in kung fu and two years of tai chi, she has competed in both regional and international tournaments in empty-hand kung fu and tai chi forms, kung fu weapons forms, and in lei tai full-contact sparring. Leah is continuing to work towards greater proficiency in sparring, and is hoping to inspire and encourage others in LCF through leading the monthly Ladies and Young Dragon Fight Nights. Leah has also become a secondary contact person for LCF, having taken point on communications among students and families about the school's events and class information. She lives by the quote, "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."(unknown), and credits her experience in kung fu and tai chi as the driver to improve herself in all aspects of life beyond the classroom.

  • Shi-Jie Baldo is now assisting and leading Kung Fu classes at SHREC!!!

Shi-Jie Gina "Dancing Tamarin" Wolbarsht, McLean, VA - Tai Chi Ch'uan

Gina “Dancing Tamarin” Wolbarsht began training under Shi-Fu Moffett in January of 2005. She earned her 2nd Higher Level Black Sash in February of 2011 and has competed in the Wong and Hunt Valley Kuoshu tournaments. Her teaching complements her other interests in Reiki, Shamanic drumming, Mantra chanting, Bach Flower essences, puppetry, calligraphy and painting. She believes that each day presents new opportunities for growth, and finds practicing Tai Chi fosters a quiet mind better able to discern the possibilities.“Four things come not back. The spoken word, the spent arrow, time passed, and a missed opportunity.” attributed to an ancient Persian sage

  • Shi-Jie Wolbarsht has taught a successful Tai Chi 1 Class at the Spring Hill RECenter on Tues/Thurs mornings at 10am and has led demonstration teams and a workshop at World Taiji & QiGong Day in Vienna at Meadowlark Gardens

Shi-Hsiung Nathan "Farseeing Heron" Toxopeus, McLean, VA - Tai Chi Ch'uan

Nathan has been studying Tai Chi and Kung-Fu under Shifu Doug Moffett since January of 2006. He currently holds a 3rd Higher Level Degree Black Sash in Tai Chi and a 2nd Higher Level Degree Black Sash in Kung-Fu. He has competed at the Wong Tournament, Queen's Cup Charlotte and Hunt Valley Tournaments in both Tai Chi and Kung-Fu. Events he has participated in include empty-hand forms, weapon forms, and Tai Chi push hands. Nathan strives to integrate the aspects of both disciplines into his martial arts training, seeking a balance of the internal and the external. Likewise, he seeks to cultivate both the mind and body while walking the path of the Scholar-Warrior.

"Truth perceived gives assurance. Skill yields self-reliance. With courage, we can defy danger. To increase power, increase humility." - Deng Ming-Dao

  • Shi-Hsiung Toxopeus is team teaching TCC II on Monday evenings at SHREC with Shi-Hsiung Bob "Relentless Crane" as well as a Tai Chi 1 class on Saturday mornings at 10am.

Shi-Hsiung Michael "Indomitable Bear" Schatz, Huntington, NY - Kung Fu, Tai Chi Ch'uan

Shi-Hsiung Schatz started training in Dragons' Fist Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi in 2004 and is currently a 2nd Higher Level Black Sash in Kung Fu, and 3rd Higher Level Black Sash in Tai Chi Ch’uan, and an assistant instructor for both Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes. He is currently searching out and exploring the martial aspects of Tai Chi, and incorporating them into his Kung Fu sparring. His personal motto is 'A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner' - and sees life's challenges as opportunities for growth and development. He has led several years of group demonstrations at World TaiJi & Qigong Day at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna.

Shi-Hsiung Schatz has now relocated to the Long Island area and looks for opportunities to share his passion for the martial arts.

Shi-Jie Pat "Soaring Crane" Mah, McLean, VA - Tai Chi Ch'uan

Pat Mah is a native of San Francisco’s Chinatown who grew up watching numerous Chinese martial arts movies. Since beginning Tai Chi under Shifu Doug Moffett, she has developed a fluid style intuitively informed from these movies of her youth. In 2015, Pat earned her 3rd Higher Level Tai Chi Black Sash. For several years she has assisted in all forms of Tai Chi thus far taught by Shifu. Early on, she took the initiative to document all the steps of the “Empty Hands” forms to share with classmates. She is a mother of five and a grandmother of one, and she understands that everyone has their own pace. Since achieving the black sash, she has led instruction for groups and individuals. Her patient, easy going manner is received well by those exploring the ancient craft of Tai Chi.

  • Shi-Jie Mah is teaching a Tai Chi 1 Class at the Spring Hill RECenter on Tues/Thurs mornings at 10am, a Tai Chi II class on Tuesdays at 11am, a Wednesday Drop-in Tai Chi at 11:45am and has led "Sounds of Qi" demonstration teams at our Students' Friends & Families Demos

Shi-Jie Nathalie "Divining Orchid" Depastas, McLean, VA - Tai Chi Ch'uan

Nathalie, an avid practitioner of Qigong & TaiChi has trained under Shi-Fu Moffett since November 2009, earning the Tai Chi 3rd Higher Level Black Sash level in March 2015. In 2012 year she brought home 3 gold and 2 silver medals for TaiChi Empty hands, fan and straight sword, from the largest international TaiChi tournament held on the East Cost. A practitioner of Energy and Asian Medicine in McLean, VA since 1991, ( Lic. In Acupuncture, Shiatsu/ Medical Qigong), she is on the faculty at VUOM -VA University of Oriental Medicine in Fairfax, as a QiGong and TaiChi instructor.She believes that thriving towards self development with patience and perseverance is each one daily duty and follows the motto: "let the air breath you, let the breath move you, and in that subtle instant, be gently still."

  • Nathalie teaches QiGong & TaiChi beginners and intermediate at the Lorton Community Center and at the Sunrise Living on Wednesdays.

Shi-Hsiung Eric "Soaring Falcon" Robertson, McLean VA - Kung Fu

Eric has been studying Kung-Fu under Shifu Doug Moffett since January of 2009. He currently holds a 2nd Higher Level Degree Black Sash in Kung-Fu. He has competed at the Wong Tournament. Events he has participated in include empty-hand forms, weapon forms, and sparring. Eric leads through enthusiasm and love of the arts. Balancing his many endeavors in life as a husband, father, pilot, musician and martial artist, he lives by "Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still."

  • Eric now teaches Kung-Fu classes for all level youth 13+ & adults on Thursday evenings and advanced youth on Saturday mornings at the Spring Hill RECenter.
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