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Grappling & Combatives

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- MMA Classes - led by Matt "Stalwart Ram" Fuller

  • "Way too much fun order" - "Who asked for easy?" or "Do you want some cheese with that whine?"

  • Private/semi-private classes can be booked by appointment $$.

Equipment: Mouthguard, handwraps, and grappling gloves, cup for males required, chest protector for females optional. Headgear (caged) can be provided, but must be worn for sparring.

Within combat sports enthusiasts, self-defense advocates, and military/protection/law enforcement specialists, it is necessary to round out the skills of students and prospective instructors in both the stand-up and ground aspects of fighting. These 1 - 1.5 hour classes will train and develop skill sets applicable in all three areas through the use of solo and partner stand-up and grappling drills, heavy bag and reaction drills, and fitness and conditioning tasks, and occassional controlled sparring (designed combinations, flow drills with low speed and power, and controlled precise contact drills). From striking and kicking, to clinching, takedowns, throws, and ground fighting, students can gain control to stay and fight in the range that works best for them and their particular set of needs for work, sport, or self-defense. In addition, counters are taught to some of the more common ground attacks, in order to move back to a tactically superior and/or standing position.

Certain classes can be tailored to Control & Compliance and applications of force and topics may also include sidearm weapons retention skills for military/LEO utility. In addition, training may integrate basic defenses and attacks with short stick/foam bats and training knives within the combatives spectrum.

Maintaining class and participant safety is always a factor, and in order to protect training reality and situational control, sometimes speed and/or power is decreased while training in order to maintain the students safety. As skills increase, speed and power will be acquired to generate more realistic conditions. High standards of personal hygiene and decorum are expected in this close contact training. Typically participants wear t-shirts, long martial arts pants, no shuai jiao or judo/jujitsu tops, and cross-training shoes or wrestling shoes are recommended. Occasionally, some students wear elbow or knee pads as these areas are used on the ground for more leverage. Equipment: Mouthguard, handwraps 108" or longer, and grappling gloves with thumb attached to glove, cup for males required, chest protector for females optional. Headgear(proforce or comparable caged) can be provided, but must be worn for sparring.

Cardio-conditioning, strength training, and core stability are essentials of opponent control. Because some students attend class just one time weekly, it is highly recommended that all participants have a commitment to an ongoing program of physical fitness throughout the week. Your ongoing strength and conditioning will enhance your participation and further minimize the risk of injury through these close-quarters training classes.

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